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Bye Bye Twitter, oh welcome back!

The future of social networking sites in Pakistan looks pretty bleak. Not because people in the country are not attracted to it, but because of the unnecessary occasional bans by the government. On 19th September 2011, Pakistan Telecommunication authority (PTA) banned world leading social networking website Facebook for few weeks in the name of protecting its citizens from blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and just recently, in fact yesterday, PTA banned another such website Twitter for the same reason.
Interestingly, the ban was lifted after 24 hours this time.
Being Muslims, it is our duty to protest to such blasphemous acts by the westerners; however what is the point in shutting these websites temporarily? The PTA should either ban these websites permanently or simply leave them alone, as these short term bans are completely pointless.

Is DPC stronger than the government?

Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) carried out yet another rally, and this time in the heart of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar. Interestingly, this rally was held just few days after the civil society in Peshawar took to the streets to protest against the Difa-e-Pakistan Council, demanding that a ban be imposed and the council be held responsible for the death of three million people.
Despite our government warnings to the banned outfits, DPC have now held rallies in each of the major cities of Pakistan. This all has raised few serious questions relating to the authority of our Government. When it cannot even stop them from carrying out processions and sit outs, how can it solve other significant issues, our country is facing?

The City of Body Bags

Karachi in recent days has become a city, where body bags are a routine sight and criminals call the shots. Mafia of every kind, ranging from extortionists to land grabbers; is carrying out its activities unabated. The daily death toll is in tens, while humanity seems to be fleeing from the city. Karachi seems to be presenting the view of a post apocalyptic city, where there is no rule of law. As Pakistani citizens we are all concerned, but only concern will not restore peace. We have become selfish and instead of joining hands as citizens, we have assumed that this problem is in Karachi and will stay confined to the city. What is there to assure that this fire will not spread to the rest of the country?

One Year Onwards

It has been a year since a private airliner crashed into the Margalla Hills in Islamabad, killing 152 passengers and crew. But the inquiry reports of the crash have still not been made public and the grieving relatives are still looking for answers. Findings from FIA and CAA investigations are present in the defense ministry, but due to unknown circumstances these are not being released. Individualland Pakistan supports the right of the people to know and have access to information. Under Article 19-A every citizen has the right to acquire information of public interest form relevant authorities. It is an appeal to the administration that the report and findings of the investigation into the crash should be made public, especially for the relatives and citizens at large. As this is also not an issue which falls under the category of State Secret, so no hindrance should be present in its release.

Safe Passage

Parachinar road is still not safe and the militancy is carrying on in Kurram Agency at full throttle. The authorities despite their reassurances and claims have failed to provide the security, which is the right of every citizen, whether in Parachinar, Karachi or Islamabad. Half hearted attempts to attain peace through dialogue with these terrorists or limited operation, will not work anymore, stricter measures have to be implemented. Parachinar is part of Pakistan and it is a shameful situation, where locals have no choice than going through Afghanistan, as the state is unable to provide them a safe passage to the rest of the country.

So Called Foresight

It is a question to our leaders and representatives, who claim to have a broad vision and ability of farsightedness; whose agenda they are following by blocking the NATO supply route? They claim that the rulers have been playing to the tunes of their “foreign masters”, but by supporting the Taliban just for the sake of U.S. bashing and scoring electoral points; aren’t they doing the same for the terrorists, who are out there to destroy us. Recently, in the past week Taliban attacked a check post in Dir, martyring at least 20 security personnel. These leaders should have the foresight to realize that at what cost they are playing this dangerous game.

Feeding on Issues

Our society is a unique one which feeds on issues and events. There is a movement for a minimum time then the sentiments just fizzle out. Various elements exploit these sentiments and attain their desired goals, while making a complete mockery of the system and the masses. There has been an SMS circulating, which reads, “Cricket fever is over…….Now where is Raymond Davis.” So true, of how our public lead by our media and our politicians go after issues, while they ignore the real problems facing our country, which is poverty, terrorism and illiteracy.

Our Hypocrisy

A couple of days ago Qadaffi was being termed as the worst dictator in history by our people and the media. He was being compared to Hitler, for subverting the rights of his people and massacring them to prolong his rule. But as soon as the west stepped in to aid the rebellion, on the request of Arab League, the tyrant is now being termed as a hero and a warrior. One TV channel has been running the strip, “Qadaffi versus Global Powers”, while the newspapers have also changed their tone. Why do we despise everything which represents the west? While, we use every western technology to our benefit and look forward for their financial assistance, we still hate them. Just to show our displeasure we will turn any figure, no matter how menacing (Taliban or Qadaffi), who stand against the west, into heroes.

The saga ends

The saga of Raymond Davis might be over but the right wing religious parties are still holding on to it. They have exploited this issue as their trump card and seem to be quite disappointed at its abrupt ending. The parties have called for countrywide protests and rallies on Friday, creating an environment of fear. These mullahs and their apologists are calling out for blood, creating a situation which might go out of control. It will be now seen, who else will finally share the limelight with Raymond, with a depicted noose around his/her neck.

Can we be trusted?

Photo0096While the blood spilled on 2nd March, of Shahbaz Bhatti is still fresh, our country and its progressive forces have again opted for silence. The terrorists have struck in Faisalabad and Peshawar, but we have still remained quiet. Instead of vocal protests against these killings, posters and banners have been placed across the federal capital, calling for “Khilafat” by Hizb ut-Tahrir. The international community watches us and analyses our efforts against extremism and terrorism, given they have a lot at stake. It is for certain that the success in the war on terror now depends solely, on how future events shape in Pakistan. Whereas no official has even made a simple effort to remove these inciting materials from the streets, the question obviously comes to the mind that if we can be trusted, to curb the rising trend of radicalism in the country.