Stand up for Code Pink

As soon as the deported Code Pink activists landed in the US, they went to attend a Congressional hearing in Washington DC. They wanted to speak at the hearing but were told that the speakers had already been chosen.

One of the speakers was Mr. Richard Boucher the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs.At the hearing “Mr. Boucher gave the impression that Pakistan was on the path to democracy and that the billions of dollars in assistance was being well used. He called the state of emergency a mere “bump in the road.” The travesty of sacking the independent Supreme Court judges and replacing them with Musharraf allies was called a “Supreme Court reshuffling.”

When the Code Pink activists wanted to protest and declared, “ Musharraf has beaten lawyers and students, destroyed the judiciary, and censored the press. The U.S. must freeze all funding to this military government until emergency rule is lifted, the independent judiciary is reinstated, the censorship of the media is lifted, and all judges, lawyers, students and human rights defenders are released.”

The activist was arrested and will be appearing in court on December 27th to face charges of Disorderly Conduct.

Now is the time , in our opinion, that the Pakistani civil society must pay it’s dues and support the Code Pink activists just as they supported us. If you are a blogger , blog about it , if you are part of an online or offline network use it to support Code Pink activists who have been arrested for speaking for us.

6 thoughts on “Stand up for Code Pink

  1. Actually one was arrested for disrupting a Congressional hearing where the speakers are chosen well in advace and charged with a minor offense which can likely be cleared with a small fine. CODEPINK understands that the Emergency is more than a bump, however, and they have first hand knowlege in the on the ground situation.

  2. well…..its sad that emergency was declared in Pakistan and it shouldnt have happned…but i want to ask everyone here that which independant judiciary are we talking abt?? The judiciary removed also took oath under PCO… wats the difference between the deposed judges and the ones under oath right now……Ch. iftikhar only took a stnad cause his seat was at stake….he din want to stop being the Chief Justice. had he been so much a hero he wouldnt have taken the oath in the first place under martial law, when Musharraf was not even the President….he was the Chief Executive. Sad Times indeed!!

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