Engaging print media on the issue of torture

Initiative: Engaging print media on the issue of torture
Supported by: Foundation Open Society Institute
Project Duration: October 2011 – October 2012

The project aims to identify the prevalent awareness level within the print media, related to the subject of torture, with reference to Criminal justice System while engaging them as an ally towards its eradication. It will also observe the legal and political understanding of the subject, in the journalist community. The project will further engage the print media in a structured set of activities, aimed at strengthening the capacity of the media, to help eradicate the practice of torture from the state structures, its endorsement in political culture and its tolerance in social parlance. The print media will be the stakeholders and the target audience of the project. This project will provide the desired objective of gauging and mapping of media awareness, on the issue, while also documenting and reporting torture related incidents. Once the journalist community has been sensitized, it can then further disseminate awareness within society over the issue. The issue of torture in the Criminal Justice System will be highlighted at national level, while a sustainable approach towards eradication of torture will be adopted.