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Individualland Talks

Individualland Pakistan with the support of Open Society Institute seeks to to create public awareness about Freedom of Information in Pakistan through the use of radio . Radio provides an efficient way of reaching out to maximum number of people. From April 16th to April 30th , these public service messages produced and sponsored by Individualland featuring noted columnist and playwright Munnu Bhai and singer Tahira Syed will be aired on FM 100 for Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore and on FM Buraq and FM Sachal in Peshawar and Quetta respectively. Listen up and needless to say feedback will be most welcome.


Radio Programs

Program # 1
Zaffarullah Khan
(Executive Director, Centre for Civic Education) +
Mukhtar Ahmed Ali
(Executive Director, Centre for Peace & Development Initiative.
  Program # 2
Ms. Gulmina Bilal
(Executive Director, Individualland Pakistan) +
Zahid Abdullah
(Programme Manager Transparency & Access to Information Programme & CPDI)
Program # 3
Fauzia Shaheen
(Editor Dustak & Executive Director, Women Media Centre) +
Jawaad Rizwi
(CEO Media Bank)
  Program # 4
Roneld Desouza
(Former Chairperson Shehri & Member Managing Committee Shehri) +
Amber Ali Bhai
(General Secretary Shehri)
Program # 5
Shahzada Zulfiqar
(Senior Journalist) +
Malik Siraaj Akber
(Bureau Chief Daily Times, Quetta)
  Program # 6
I. A Rehman
(Secretary General Human Rights Commission of Pakistan & Senior Journalist) +
Iqbal Haider Butt
(Senior Partner Development Pool and Social Activist)
Program # 7
Ghaazi Salahudin
(Senior Journalist, Peace Activist and Media Analyst)
  Program # 8
Adnan Rehmat
(Director Internews & Journalist) +
Barrister Zaffarullah Khan
(Legal Advisor)
Program # 9
Dr. Doniya Aziz
(MNA, Pakistan Muslim League)
  Program # 10
Mr. Shamim Shahid
(President Peshawer Press Club and Seasoned Journalist)
Program # 11
Ms. Gulmina Bilal
(Executive Director, Individualland) +
Ms. Sheri Rehman
(Ex-Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting)




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